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I am a Minneapolis based classical baritone/teacher. I currently split my time between teaching, composing, and performing with various local ensembles and opera companies. My studio is formed of a very eclectic selection of students, ranging from pop to opera. I have taught hip hop producers, K-pop singers, and classically trained vocalists.

I strive to work out each student's individual instrument, so that together, we discover the healthiest, most effective way to sing. Each voice is built differently, so I give each voice the special attention it deserves. I teach my students their technique, not just force my own onto them.

Chanson Voice and Music Academy is a unique studio full of voice teachers who specialize from pop to jazz, opera, and everything in between, along with string, percussion, piano, and guitar teachers.

We have an extremely collaborative nature, so a student of our school can expect to work potentially with many teachers to get the well-rounded experience that most studios cannot offer.

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